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Private-Label Products
A Certified Master Rummelier®, 7th Sky Ventures CEO Isabella Rosal collaborates with distilleries and producers to create a unique blend that suites the palate of aficionados and lovers all over the world. There is rum for everybody.
Made with essential oils and recycled food-grade alcohol, our line of home fragrances is a natural and healthy alternative to commercial air fresheners.The alcohol base for the spray comes from the production of our delicious craft rum. The spray bottles are BPA-free and rated PET (1) which makes them highly recyclable.

Home Fragrance
Promoting sustainable business practices in Tampa Bay and beyond
Natural home fragrances produced from rum distillery waste
Our commitment to sustainability: past and present projects

From an environmental standpoint, distillation is the most harmful part of rum production.
TBD Cafe, a brainchild of 7thSky founder Isabella Rosal, collaborated with USF researchers on a study to evaluate the effects of anaerobic digestion of food waste using tea leaves.
The post-consumer food waste was collected from USF dining facilities, processed, and mixed with oolong, green, and black tea leaves provided by TBD Cafe.
The researchers compared the anaerobic digestion of the food waste alone vs. mixed with the tea leaves and found that the addition of the tea leaves resulted in significantly higher production of valuable biomethane gas.
This important discovery shed light on the role that the tea industry can play globally in meeting recycling goals by improving bioenergy production.
On average, a 750-milliliter bottle of rum produces 6.5 pounds of carbon dioxide.
7th Sky Ventures found a solution to the waste problem by turning spent distillation ingredients into natural home fragrances, such as room and linen sprays. Items are available at 7th Sky retail site.
The project received wide recognition among the environmental science experts and was covered by a variety of news media. Learn more here.
The alcohol base for the spray is a redistillation of the waste products left from the rum production, and the fragrant components are derived from natural essential oils. The packaging is 100% recyclable, making the product a natural and healthy alternative to commercial air fresheners.

Bringing you the latest about 7th Sky
Born and raised in the Philipines, she has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10, when she was selling sweets to her classmates off the back of her skateboard.
Upon moving to the United States and after a short stint at PwC, Isabella founded TBD, an award-winning tea cafe and a wholesale company.

In less than two years, Isabella achieved steady revenue for TBD thanks to efficient operations, a lean business model, and resilient processes.
She was recognized for her entrepreneurial efforts by the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce by winning the 2018 Shining Star of the Year Award.
Isabella is an active participant of CEO in Schools in partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools. She is also a frequent guest speaker at the nearby University of South Florida and a mentor to students and young entrepreneurs alike.
She has taken some units for Diploma in Financial Engineering from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines, and a BS in Mathematics major in Actuarial Science from the University of Santo Thomas.
At 32, Isabella Rosal is the youngest female in the USA to achieve the Certified Rummelier® status and one of only 33 in the USA. A short while after, she has achieved the Master Rummelier® status, the highest professional designation in the rum industry.
Isabella is the founder of Tampa-based rum society — a professional community dedicated to sharing and advancing the knowledge of rum making. A rum industry champion, Isabella actively participates in events hosted by the Tampa Bay community and other professional groups.
The Rummelier® certification is the gold standard in the spirits industry and demonstrates expertise in the distillation, typing, tasting, flavor profiling, and elucidation of rum. Rosal is the 1st female to become a Master Rummelier®.
Master Rummelier® and industry champion
Ma. Isabella Honrado Rosal
CEO - 7th Sky Ventures, Master Rummelier®
A proud Filipina-American, a Navy spouse, and a mother of two, Isabella champions the ideas of economic empowerment, civic responsibility, and sustainability in business and life.
She is a founder of the youth-empowering PEP Talk Program (now called Jose Lorenzo Honrado Scholarship Program) in the Philippines and a certified Health and Safety Specialist with the American Red Cross.
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